The Needham Housing Authority Maintenance Department upholds the following obligations to its residents:


1.To deliver the leased premises in a decent, safe and sanitary condition at initial occupancy in conformity with the requirements of Chapter II of the State Sanitary Code.


2. To provide and maintain in good condition a heating system and to supply legally requisite heat during the period of September 15 through June 15 of each year, unless the Resident is required to supply heating fuel.


3. To provide and maintain in good condition a hot water heater and to supply legally requisite hot water in sufficient quantity and pressure for ordinary use unless the Tenant is required to supply the fuel.


4. To provide extermination services as necessary. Resident may be charged for special extermination services required as a consequence of the residents failure to keep premises in a clean and sanitary condition or failure to properly prepare the leased premises for scheduled extermination services.


5. To maintain the structural elements of the building containing the leased premises.


6. To maintain the common areas of the building open to the household.


7. To provide a stove and refrigerator in a safe condition and working order at initial







Any resident requiring maintenance assistance during work hours should call the Needham Housing Authority  management office at 781-444-3011. This call will generate a work order which will be distributed to a maintenance staff member qualified to effect the repair.



When calling  with a maintenance emergency after hours   (781-444-3011), it is important to give the answering service:


  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • A return phone number where you can be reached
  • A description of the problem


A maintaince emergency is any situation that may cause a saftey problem for people, or causes damage to a house or apartment.


  • No heat ( after switching the heat off and on again- in  High Rock and Capt Robert Cook Drive this is done with a red switch located in the utility room.  High Rock and Capt Robert Cook Drive, call Junction Mechanical at (781) 769-9099 )
  • Lock out
  • Flooding (at call back, maintenance staff may talk you through shutting off the water as a first step)
  • Major roof leaks
  • Boiler/Water heater leaks
  • Broken window pane or broken glass in the door 
  • Fallen ceiling
  • When the gas company needs access to locked boiler rooms.
  • Gas smell






When calling with a routine maintenance work order after hours (781-444-3011 ), it is important to give the answering service:


  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • A return phone number
  • A description of the problem


A routine work order will be completed on the following business day. Examples of routine work order are:



  • A broken light
  • A broken shade
  • Closet door off the track 
  • Broken screen for a door or window
  • Etc....